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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Major East Coast Blizzard or Minor Snowstorm???

A large area of rain and snow has been impacting California over the past few days. One of the pieces of energy is expected to break free Wednesday and move out of the West under the ridge that is building. While the ridge is building in the West, a trough is building in the East. This trough along with blocking in Canada will cause the storm to be pushed south. This may cause snow to break out in areas like Kentucky, Illinois, and Tennessee. Once the storm hits the coast it will begin cyclogenesis. This cyclogenesis means the storm will begin to rapidly strengthen. This rapidly strengthening storm may cause a blizzard to affect regions from Virginia to Maine. There is one possibility that would only cause a minor storm though. If the trough and blocking doesn't push the storm down south as much the storm will continue a bee line to the coast. If the storm takes this bee line it appears the storm will go straight out to sea. This would means there would only be a couple of inches in the Mid-Atlantic rather than possibly a foot or two. Stay tuned through the week for more details.

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