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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flooding Likely This Weekend!!!

With their still being moist ground from all the recent snow and rain storms, more rain is not what we need. That is though exactly what we are going to get. Starting tomorrow rain should begin in the morning and slowly get heavier throughout the day. By tomorrow night rain will be coming down heavily. Tomorrow night is not the worst of the storm though. Saturday the low will be approaching our area bringing in breezy conditions and downpours making it look like the rain will be coming down in sheets. The rain will end Sunday morning but, not before it dumps a whole lot. Rainfall amounts are expected to range from 2-6 inches with higher amounts if thunderstorms occur. This rainfall will cause flooding hint the flood watch that is now out for our area. Small streams will begin flooding Saturday morning and then by Saturday night large rivers could also begin breaking through their banks. This river flooding could last several days as runoff will continue to run into the streams. Along with small streams and rivers, streets will also flood. Some roads could have as much as 6 inches of water on them. So remember when you come up to these areas to turn around and don't drown. So stay tuned as I will have more information on the storm tomorrow.

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