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Saturday, March 13, 2010


With the weakening El Nino impacting the world the North Atlantic can expect a higher than average hurricane season. Shear this year will be lessened and Saharan dust will also this year as an effect from the El Nino dying out. Sea surface temperatures will also be normal or slightly above normal this year. This means the U.S will have to watch the Atlantic closely this year. Many storms could impact the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal States this year. From the Delmarva to the Florida Coast is the most likely to be impacted with storms this year. While the Gulf will be impacted by some storms I believe with the storms forming closer to the U.S that the strongest of the storms will hit the East Coast.
Number of Tropical Systems: 18
Number of Hurricanes: 7
Number of Major Hurricanes: 4
Number of Tropical Systems to impact the East Coast: 10
Number of Hurricanes to impact the East Coast: 4
Number of Major Hurricanes to impact the East Coast: 2

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