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Friday, January 8, 2010

Cold and Flurries

The storm that brought areas of the Delmarva 2-4 inches is now departing. Flurries though should continue throughout the day as the cold front still needs to come through. After the cold front moves through bitter cold temperatures should overcome the Delmarva. Highs this weekend will struggle to get out of the 20's and lows will dip down to the teens. This means any melting of the snow will quickly refreeze at night. Road conditions will be treacherous through the weekend as many roads are snow covered and will become icy. After all this snow melts away warmer temperatures should come to the Delmarva. Highs at the end of next week will be in the 40s. This is a temperature we haven't seen in a while. It will not last though as next weekend a storm will track up near the coast while cold air is coming in bringing heavy rain at the start of the storm. It looks like at this point the rain will change to snow and cold will stay around for around a week. This cold though will be nothing like what we are having now. So stay tuned as I get more details on the snow and cold.

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