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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Warm, Cold, Warmer

It seems the coldest air of the year so far is beginning to retreat. It will continue to retreat through the week. Temperatures should begin getting up near 40 than warm up to near 50 Friday. This is when some more cold air should come in. This cold air is not going to be anything like the last cold we had. The lowest temperatures should be near 40. This is when a storm will be coming in. This storm should produce all rain instead of the snow which I thought could happen at first. It will be too warm for snow so it should just be a cold rain. This rain could fall heavy accumulating possibly near 2 inches adding to an already very soggy ground. After this storm and cold it should once again warm up. This warm air though will be warmer than the first warmth. It is possible the Delmarva and surrounding areas in the Mid-Atlantic could reach 60 degrees. Yes 60 degrees and this temperature could occur several days. This warm air will not come with dry air though. It is very likely several storms will impact the East Coast. These storms will be all rain and could even give us our first thunderstorms of the year. We will have more on that later. After these storms cold air should be on its way back in dropping temperatures back to the upper 30s after being near 60. This could bring many illnesses back so stay tuned as I will have more details on the impending warm up.

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