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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Strong Thunderstorms Today and Monday Then Snow Friday-Sunday!!!!

It is imminent we will receive rain today through tomorrow. The problem is just how much. If thunderstorms form it is likely areas will receive 2-3 inches. If thunderstorms do not form rainfall amounts will range from 1-2 inches. Both of these amounts will cause poor drainage area flooding. Also if thunderstorms form in the Mid-Atlantic it is possible strong to severe thunderstorms will form. These thunderstorms could produce dangerous cloud to ground lightning, small hail, and damaging wind. Then after the storm clears out tomorrow it is possible snow showers could form Tuesday. This snow though will not accumulate like the storm at the end of the week. This storm could be a long duration snowstorm. The storm will spread a swath of snow across the country from New Mexico to the Delmarva. Areas in Oklahoma could have over a foot of snow. Other areas which includes the Mid-Atlantic could receive 5-10 inches of snow. The GFS has over 2 inches of snow falling from Thursday night to Friday. So stay tuned as I will have more details on the severe weather and the cross-country snowstorm.

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