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Saturday, February 20, 2010

3 Storms the Next Two Weeks Will Impact Us!!

The first storm of these three will occur Monday. This storm will be occurring when we are in a milder air mass. This means the storm will be all rain. The rainfall runoff and snow melt runoff may overwhelm streets and small streams causing possibly minor small stream flooding and some water across roadways. The second storm will be coming in as Arctic Air is coming in. This is the storm that first appeared would be a monster snowstorm. The storm no longer appears like it will be strong. This storm will be a minor event causing possibly 2-4 inches of snowfall on Thursday. The third storm will be the biggest and most potent storm. This storm will occur around the 3rd of March. At this point it is not certain if the storm will be a snow or rain storm but I am watching it closely as it could cause major flooding if it is rain or cause large snowfall totals which would paralyze the region. So stay tuned as I will have more information on the storms as the week goes along.

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  1. the sky is falling ... the sky is falling