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Friday, February 12, 2010

Clipper System Will Bring Several Inches of Additional Snowfall!!!

This is not what anybody in the Mid-Atlantic wants to here. There is more snow coming to an area that simply does not need or want it. This clipper will be coming from Alberta in Canada. It will spread a swath of snow from the Northern Plains down to as far south as Atlanta, Georgia and back up to New England. The snow will only accumulate a couple of inches from the Plains to the Southeast. When the storm gets to the Mid-Atlantic the storm will bomb out. This means several inches of snow will fall from D.C. to Boston. No ,it will not be like the last two storms. This storm though will be like what people used to think was big. It will spread a swath of 4-12 inch snows from D.C. to Boston. So stay tuned as I will have more on this next snowstorm and the ones to follow.

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