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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

18Z Forecast Model Shows Snow Once Again

Snow is one word many of us haven't heard very much the last couple of years. This year it looks as if this is all going to change. Our first snowstorm of the season may be on us Saturday into Sunday. The precipitation should start as rain Saturday morning. Through the day though the rain should change to a mix and then to all snow. Snow could be heavy at times on Saturday night when most of the precipitation is expected to fall. If the 18Z GFS model comes true snow should accumulate several inches. It looks as if the model is showing 1-4 inches of snow accumulating. The roads though if this occurs should not be bad as they are warm from the warmer than normal temperatures we have been seeing lately. This means people going up to Delaware State to watch Delmar put a whoop down on Hodgson should not have any trouble coming home. Snow though will accumulate on sidewalks and grassy areas. Snow shovels would be a good thing to have in case the storm does hit like the 18Z is showing. Along with the snow there will be very cold temperatures this weekend. Saturday high temperatures should barely get out of the 30s and nighttime temperatures could dip down to the mid 20s. This will not change any Sunday with close to the same temperatures expected if not colder. The cold temperatures will keep the snow on the ground for a couple days to make it look very wintery out and about. Stay tuned for my next post where I will talk more about the upcoming snowstorm.

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