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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One Rainstorm Then Three Possible Snowstorms

As our snow cover from the last storm is beginning to melt away a rainstorm is on its way towards the Delmarva for Christmas. At this points it does not look like this storm will be a big one in our area producing half an inch of rain, but when the storm first starts out it will produce a blizzard in the Midwest. After this storm there is a possible snowstorm on New Years Eve. This storm is beginning to look very possible since it has showed up on the models for a week now. This storm could bring half a foot of snow to the Delmarva Peninsula and higher amounts the closer you get to the I-95 corridor. Then another storm forms on the fourth. This storm we will have to watch as it has been back and forth showing rain and snow. Then once again yet another storm forms and could be a Big Daddy for the I-95 corridor around the ninth. So stay tuned as we have a lot of exciting weather to go through over the next couple of weeks.

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