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Monday, December 28, 2009

Blizzard Becoming Less Likely

The storm that I thought could be a blizzard near the New Year's now looks like it will be mostly rain changing to light snow. Temperatures in the 30's over the next couple of days should warm to the mid 40's during the storm causing mostly rain. Temperatures then should decrease to the lower 30's. This is when another storm on the 7th could bring light snow showers or flurries. Right after this weak system a much stronger storm is expected to affect us bringing several inches of snow. This storm will occur on the 10th. There will not be much of a break between that storm and the next as the 4th and biggest storm should affect us on the 13th. This will bring more substantial snow amounts adding to a ever growing snowcover. Cold temperatures should stick around through the first half of January as highs should stay between 25-40 degrees fahrenheit. The snowcover will not melt away so any more storms will just continue to cover the Delmarva. So stay tuned as all these storms get closer.

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