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Friday, December 18, 2009

Crippling Snowstorm

Snow is slowly creeping in to the Delmarva at this hour. By 11pm tonight the snow should be falling in the central Delmarva. Snowfall rates could be an inch an hour. Snow towards the morning should begin to mix with rain tomorrow morning. This won't last long though. Temperatures in the afternoon should fall to near or below freezing. So all the precipitation should change back to snow. The snow should be very heavy with strong winds. Snowfall rates could be 2-3 inches an hour with winds gusting to 45 mph. This could create whiteout conditions. Travel is not recommended from tonight through Sunday. Roads will be very icy and by tomorrow night a half a foot of snow could cover the roads. Snow should fall through Sunday morning with this storm. Snowfall totals for Salisbury north should be in the 6-18 inch range. Once this storm is over very cold temperatures will continue through the week. Highs should be in the mid to upper 30s. This means the snow will not be melting away fast. The snow that does melt during the day will refreeze over night. This will create black ice in the mornings through the week. So be careful for slippery roads through the week. So stay tuned as I will have another update tomorrow morning.

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