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Monday, December 14, 2009

Fog, Colder, Stormier

Monday morning most of us woke up to a very foggy scene. It caused delays of many schools. This once again could be repeated again Tuesday morning as their is still a lot of moisture from our recent rain with unusually warm temperatures. So be careful Tuesday morning if you are going out early between 4-7am. After this a dry cold front is going to be coming through knocking our 60 degree temperatures tomorrow to low 40s on Wednesday. This cold should stick around through at least Christmas. With this cold air in place their is a chance for several snowstorms between now and New Year's. The first possible storm is Sunday when a low from the Gulf could combine with a dry Alberta Clipper causing a storm to bomb out along the East Coast causing a significant snowstorm. If this occurs the Delmarva could see 3-6 inches of snow. This most likely would not melt away and would still be here on Christmas giving us a White Christmas. That is when another storm is looking more and more likely to form. This storm would cause 2-4 inches of snow from Christmas night through the day after Christmas. This will cause us to have a near 4-8 inch snowcover. Then finally on the day before New Year's Eve we could see the biggest storm of all. This storm would drop 6-12 inches if it comes out like the latest model of the GFS. These three straight storms will cause the Delmarva to see the a snowcover that would last at least a week. This is one thing that we have not seen in years. So stay tuned as these events get closer and I receive more details on the storms.

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