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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Delmar-Woodbridge Game could be a Washout

Though it does not look likely to happen there is a chance we could receive heavy rain on Friday night during the Southern Division Champions Delmar versus Woodbridge game. This night is also parent night. Parents though might not be very happy having to walk on a drenched field. Starting tonight rain and wind should begin to increase. Rain by Wednesday evening could be heavy from the central Delmarva Peninsula to South Carolina. In this area rainfall amounts could exceed 8 inches. Most likely though the Delmarva will only receive 1-3 inches of rain in a prolonged amount of time from tonight to possibly Saturday. Wind also will pick up from 5-10 mph tonight to 20-40 mph Thursday coming out of the northeast like a Nor'easter. This wind could be higher at the beaches with onshore winds 30-50 mph with gusts to hurricane force. This wind could cause damage. It also could cause major coastal flooding and beach erosion. If you know anyone who lives on the coast tell them to move there car to higher ground as a Coastal Flood Watch is out now and a Coastal Flood Warning is likely to come out. As well with the flooding and erosion waves will also be big in the 5-15 feet range. So stay tuned as we found out more about when the storm should move out.

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