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Monday, November 23, 2009

Stormy and Cooler

Over the next several weeks the weather will be becoming very stormy and much cooler. The first storm in the parade of big storms for the East will be Friday into Saturday. Cold air will also be coming in at the same time. How fast the cold air arrives and where the low pressure system is will determine who gets snow. At this time it looks as if Delmar will be receiving rain and then ending and the temperatures to become much cooler with a game time temperature Friday night of around 35 degrees. Areas around the Appalachians though will receive several inches of snow. Flurries though could reach all the way to the East Coast Friday night even though it is not likely. After that the next storm will be the next weekend after next. This storm could be the I-95 snow lovers storm. It is possible that the big city will receive significant snow depending on the track of the storm. Stay tuned as I will continue to update you on the beginning of winter for the East.

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