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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Weaker than First Thought

Tropical Storm Ida has made landfall this morning with 45 mph winds and it changed to an extra tropical storm. The storm on the gulf caused gusty winds and 2-5 inches of rain with even more falling north of the coast where the rain had moved away from the center of the storm. At this point it looks as if Ida is going to take a turn to the east and go off the Georgia or South Carolina coast. The storms impacts here though first thought to be bad are going to be small with light to moderate rain and some windy conditions. This does not mean you can rule out 1-2 inches of rain and 20-30 mph. This all can change though if Ida takes a change of course than what is predicted. If the storm goes north we can still see what I was saying was possible yesterday and if the storm goes south we could just receive a few clouds. At this point though these two outcomes look unlikely. We just have to pay attention right now as we'll get more information as the day goes on.

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