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Monday, November 9, 2009

Weaker But Still Very Disruptive Storm to Impact Gulf to Mid-Atlantic

By tonight Tropical storm Ida should make landfall as a moderately strong tropical storm. The wind is not the main impact of this storm it is the flooding of the already drenched south. Areas on the Gulf Coast up to Atlanta could receive 3-9 inches of rain. After this the storm gets difficult at predicting ,but at this point it seems as if the storm will spread some rain and wind up to the Mid-Atlantic with a new low forming off the North Carolina coast forming some beach erosion and flooding. If it turns out this way winds could be sustained 15-25 mph with 1-2 inches of rain. There is a worse scenario though with the storm staying strong and then strengthening even more up near the Mid-Atlantic. This would cause 3-6 inches of rain with 30-50 mph sustained winds with gust to 60-70 mph. Beach erosion, coastal flooding, and waves to 10 feet would be a major problem if this scenario plays out. At this point we will just have to continue to keep a close eye on the storm.

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