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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tropical Storm Ida Threatens Gulf Coast

It may be November but the tropical Atlantic is still live and going. In the past couple days a storm in the Carribean formed off the coast of Nicaragua and Honduras and quickly gained strength and hit the coast there as a hurricane producing gusty winds and substantial rain. This morning this storm moved back off the coast into the Carribean and has strengthened to near hurricane strength with 70mph winds. The storm is moving north at 9mph and could gain more strength causing it to become a hurricane again as it continues to move north in a path that goes in the Gulf and gives the storm no where to go ,but into one of the southern states. Residents from Louisiana to Florida could have to deal with flooding and strong winds by the middle of the week by a weak tropical storm as when it gets far north in the Gulf the storm should begin to weaken from wind shear. So if you have family down in the Gulf states you may want to call them and tell them to pay close attention to the tropics.

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