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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Worst Case Scenario is Going to Happen

What I have feared could happen is most likely going to happen. It has began to rain now and it should not stop till Friday. This will cause rain to begin to pile up and cause possibly major flooding. We can expect 3-5 inches of rain. Along with the rain wind will also be a big problem. Winds should increase through the day today and by tomorrow be at their strongest. Winds tomorrow could be sustained 25-40 mph with gusts close to 50-60 mph and they could be even stronger on the coast. Winds on the coast could be sustained at 35-50 mph with gust to 60-70 mph. Also coastal flooding, beach erosion and huge waves will be a problem. At this point a High Wind Warning, Coastal Flood Warning, High Surf Advisory, and Flood Watch are out in Worcester County and we can expect even more advisories come out across Delmarva today. Stay tuned as I will continue to put multiple updates up the next couple of days.

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